News & Announcements

Student Announcements

Gary Kafer –a student from the 2016 PhD cohort– had the following works published in 2019:

  • “Queer Surveillance,” a special issue of Surveillance & Society 17.5 (2019). Edited and introduced (pg. 592-601) with Daniel Grinberg.
  • “Big Data Biopolitics: Computing Racialised Assemblages in Terrorist Watchlist Matching,” Digital Culture & Society 5.1 (2019): 23-42.
  • “Surveillance Capitalism and its Racial Discontents,” Jump Cut 59 (2019):

Amy Skjerseth from the 2016 PhD cohort was a recipient of the Stuart Tave Teaching Fellowship for AY 2020-2021 for an undergraduate course of her own design, "Sound and Scandal: How Media Make Believe," to be taught in Spring 2021.

Faculty Announcements

The Process Genre: Cinema and the Aesthetic of Labor, a new book by Salomé Aguilera Skvirsky was published in March 2020. The book "introduces and theorizes the process genre," a genre that went unacknowledged previously, but is "characterized by its representation of chronologically ordered steps in which some form of labor results in a finished product." 

Jacqueline Stewart was announced as host of Silent Sunday Nights the programming block on Turner Classic Movies that "offers iconic movies from the silent era as well as forgotten gems and international classics". Prof. Stewart is the first-ever host of this program, and the first African-American host to be on the network , which began it's run in September 2019.

  • Prof. Stewart was also appointed as the Kluge Chair in Modern Culture at the John W. Kluge Center, Library of Congress. This position is given to "scholars of great accomplishment chosen for their intellectual and communicative abilities." It provides a four-month period—from June to September 2020—when she will be in residence at the Library and able to pursue research in its collections.

Allyson Nadia Field helped to identify and bring to light Something Good - Negro Kiss (1898), a film which has now been added to the National Film Registry. 

Robert Bird had two Neubauer Collegium Faculty Research Projects in AY2019-2020: Experimental Monumentality (with F. Miguel Caballero Vázquez, Harper-Schmidt Fellow) and Revolutionology: Media and Networks of Intellectual Revolution (with James Farr, Northwestern University)

Jennifer Wild was interviewed by CMS alumni Matt Hauske on the archive and other matters in "Magical Marinade and Archival Puzzles"

Alumni Student Announcements

Alumni Joshua Yumibe (PhD 2007) received the 'Katherine Singer Kovács Book Award' from the Society of Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) for the book he co-authored with Sarah Street Chromatic Modernity: Color, Cinema, and Media of the 1920s

Alumni Allison Whitney (PhD 2005) received the 'Distinguished Pedagogy Award' from the Society of Cinema (SMCS) and Media Studies.