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Reel from "Something Good - Negro Kiss"
Nitrate print of the 1898 film 'Something Good-Negro Kiss' (USC School of Cinematic Arts)

Jacqueline Stewart at TCM

Jacqueline Stewart has been announced as host of Silent Sunday Nights the programming block on Turner Classic Movies that "offers iconic movies from the silent era as well as forgotten gems and international classics". Prof. Stewart is the first-ever host of this program, and the first African-American host to be on the network

GSU - Graduate Students United

The faculty of the Department of Cinema and Media Studies at the University of Chicago urges the university administration to recognize Graduate Students United (GSU) as the collective bargaining agent for graduate student workers and enter into good-faith negotiations without delay. In October 2017, the graduate students voted to form a union. We believe that this collective decision should be respected.

We also call upon the administration to refrain from actions that may undermine our graduate worker colleagues’ rights to organize or their freedom of expression, including: retaliation against graduate workers or picketers; attempts to replace graduate student labor; efforts to track participation or non-participation in the action; or any threats thereof.

We encourage our faculty colleagues to join us in this stance.