Administrative Contacts

Daniel Morgan  I  Chair of Cinema and Media Studies
Classics 308 - Office hours: by appointment

Kara Keeling  I  Director of Graduate Studies
Classics 314D - Office hours: by appointment

Salomé Skvirsky  I  Director of Undergraduate Studies
Classics 305 - Office hours: by appointment

Traci Verleyen Hope  I  Department Administrator
Classics 304; Mondays 8:30-4:30pm, Tuesday-Friday all day

Contact Traci for any information related to the CMS curricular committee, the CMS/FSC programming committee, the doctoral program, graduate admissions, CMS undergraduate program, and faculty searches in Cinema and Media Studies and Media, Arts, and Design.   

Shekinah Thornton  I  Department Assistant
Classics 304; Tuesdays / Thursdays, Friday mornings

Contact Shekinah for information related to department / co-sponsored events, coordination with the Film Studies Center, room bookings and curricular issues, faculty / student / visitor payments and reimbursements, faculty office hours, and website updates. 

Marrissa Ballard  I  Student Affairs Administrator
Classics 304; Mondays 10:30-6:00pm, Wednesdays / Fridays 12:00-5:00pm 

Contact Riss for information related to the Media Arts and Design Minor program and connecting with the MADD Center. 

Department Listservs

  • - This listserv is to distribute announcements to Cinema and Media Studies faculty, graduate students, staff, and those affiliated with the department. If you have a screening, lecture, or event announcement you would like to have distributed, please send these directly to this list. 
  • - Open communication for core faculty, affiliates, and post-doctoral fellows associated with the department of Cinema and Media Studies

CMS Department Wiki

  • A lot of information related to the PhD program - instructions for registration, exams, CFPs, essential forms, examples of syllabi, and the CMS Graduate Student Handbook - can be found on the Cinema and Media Studies Department Wiki; accessing the Wiki requires a UChicago ID.