Upcoming Events - Autumn 2020

Invisible Cinema


Annual CMS Graduate Student Conference

The 2021 CMS Graduate Student Conference "Site/Seeing" is being organized by Jenisha Borah, Maggie Sivit, and Ashley Truehart. This conference had been delayed from 2020 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Previous Conferences and Organizers:

Previous Events

Mihaela Mihailova, Michigan State University "Computer Generated Ideology: The Neoliberal Multi-Verse of Contemporary US Studio Animation" Hannah Frank Memorial Lecture (February 28 2020) 

"We Tell: States of Violence" with Jacqueline Stewart, Louis Messiah, and Maira Khwaja (January 16 2020)

Autumn and Winter FSC Graduate Student Curatorials:  

"Blaxploitation Horror Double Feature: Blacula (1972) and Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde (1976)" introduced by Allyson Field (November 1 2019)

"The Attractions of the Moving Image: A Celebration of Tom Gunning" (October 25-26 2019)

Alice Lovejoy, University of Minnesota "The “Modern Child” and the Moving Image: Studying Children and Cinema during the Cold War" (October 17 2019)