Upcoming Events - Autumn 2019

Thursday Dec. 5 @7PM - screening of "Limite", introduced by visiting scholar Pablo Gonçalo


Annual CMS Graduate Student Conference

The 2020 CMS Graduate Student Conference (title forthcoming) will be organized by Jenisha Borah, Aurore Spiers, and Ashley Truehart

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Autumn FSC Graduate Student Curatorials 

"Blaxploitation Horror Double Feature: Blacula (1972) and Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde (1976)" introduced by Allyson Field (November 1 2019)

"The Attractions of the Moving Image: A Celebration of Tom Gunning" (October 25-26 2019)

Alice Lovejoy, University of Minnesota "The “Modern Child” and the Moving Image: Studying Children and Cinema during the Cold War" (October 17 2019)