18th Annual Graduate Student Conference: Cause/Effect

The 18th annual Graduate Student Conference: Cause/Effect will begin this Friday!

Day 1: Friday, April 28

3:30 PM: Opening Remarks: Dan Morgan, Professor, University of Chicago, Logan 201

4:00 PM: Keynote Address: Stephanie Dick, Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University “Computerizing the Carceral State: Exploring Early Law Enforcement Databanks in the United States,” Logan 201

7:00 PM: Screening: “Cause/Effect: An Assortment of Shorts,” Logan 201

Day 2: Saturday, April 29 

9:30 AM: Bygone Machines and Beyond Panel, Logan 201

11:00 AM: Politics and the Public I Panel (Remote), Logan 201

1:30 PM: Politics and the Public II Panel, Logan 201

3:00 PM: Systems of Seeing and Sensing Panel, Logan 201

5:00 PM: Closing Roundtable, Logan 201