Cinema and Media Studies

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AY2022 Advanced Seminars

Open only to upper-year students who have declared a major in Cinema and Media Studies, the ‘Advanced Seminar’ functions as a capstone course. It will allow students the opportunity to explore in more depth key disciplinary and methodological questions related to the study of cinema and media. Particular topics will be determined by the individual faculty instructor, and will vary from quarter to quarter.

Advanced Seminar - Winter: Topics in Post-Classical Hollywood Cinema (CMST 29203)

  • The Hollywood cinema underwent dramatic stylistic and industrial change during and after the 1960s, due to an array of factors including the transition to magnetic sound recording, location shooting, the influence of European New Waves, drastic economic changes in the studio system, and many more. This course will examine these developments in addition to topics including subsequent genre reorientation, 1980s “high concept” style and synergy with the popular music industry, stereo and multi-channel surround sound, computer-generated visual effects, film music, and the rise of the category of “indie film” and its absorption into the larger industry. Our study of modern Hollywood history will inform discussions of the contemporary, post-2007 period (streaming, the transition to digital exhibition, etc.): how Hollywood arrived at the cinema and television of the 2010s, and the industry’s future amidst the dually reinforcing upheavals of the Covid-19 pandemic and the streaming-centric consolidation of the largest media distributors.
  • Instructor: Clint Froehlich

Advanced Seminar - Spring (CMST 29202)

  • There is generally a division in cinema and media studies between filmmakers on the one hand and critics and theorists on the other: the first group makes the films that the other groups write about. In this seminar, we’ll look at filmmakers who were also critics and theorists, who wrote about other films and filmmakers, and, most of all, about their own work. We’ll thus examine films by a number of key filmmakers in light of what they said they were trying to make, and their ideas of what their medium is, using the dissonance between idea and result to take a fresh look basic terms and concepts in film studies: montage, perception, narrative, genre, authorship, realism, race, gender, documentary, and so on. 
  • Instructor: Dan Morgan