Tomorrow and Tomorrow Again (Diary 1995) / Demain et encore demain, journal 1995 with Dominique Cabrera in Conversation with Dominique Bluher

April 30, 2022 | 7:00PM
Logan Center for the Arts, 915 E. 60th St.

The Film Studies Center will be presenting three film screenings and discussions to celebrate the retirement of Dominique Bluher, Lecturer in the Department of Cinema and Media Studies, Department of Romance Languages and Literature, Department of Visual Arts, and the College.

As her relationships with her husband and son were falling apart, Dominique Cabrera decided to film every day of the year to “make contact with something other than my fear,” probing her own life as a single mother in a Paris suburb and capturing her depression, therapist, lover, and intake of food and Prozac. She uses the diary format to explore questions of her own identity as presented through various roles (i.e., mother, daughter, lover, filmmaker). She also reveals the more subtle details which make up daily life, in addition to grappling with more serious emotional problems. The resulting documentary, edited from the footage she shot, conveys the poetry of the quotidian, and her voiceovers add a layer of irony, resulting in a compelling reflection on the art of daily life. (Dominique Cabrera, France, 1997, 79 min., DCP)