Takashi Shallow

Headshot of Takashi Shallow.
Lecturer in Media Arts and Design


Takashi Shallow (he/they) is a socially specific artist whose experiments complicate notions of medium. His ongoing projects include operating the label Gesamt, organizing Percent–a collective of mixed race artists–and independently publishing Insider Art, a series of critiques. Dazed Digital includes Shallow in the article 10 of the best Chicago artists right now, and they have received fellowships and residencies at institutions like the Arts Club of Chicago and the Cliff Dwellers. He shows work at spaces like Links Hall and Elastic Arts and is a lecturer teaching across art, media, theater, and music departments.


Autumn Quarter 2023

MAAD 24820: Video Game Music Production and Sound Design

Spring Quarter 2024

MAAD 20624: New Forms in DJing

MAAD 26210: Media Arts and Design Practice