Shubham Shivang

Cohort Year: 2017
Research Interests: South Asian cinemas; Bhojpuri and its film and music culture; Bollywood and Hindi film; vernacular Indian cinemas; post-colonial theory; cinema and subjectivity; difference and its articulation; cinema and semiosis


Shubham Shivang is a PhD student pursuing a joint-degree in Cinema and Media Studies and Anthropology. His interest lies in exploring the ability of cinema to couple various images, sounds, music and signs with a mode of narration indexed to a specific location. Notwithstanding the industrial, geographical, linguistic, and national categories that often operate as nominal indices for such location, the identification of a diegetic mode with a specific location remains a feature peculiar to cinema. Shubham is interested in investigating such questions about the articulation of difference via the coupling of the sung and the spoken with the image within the realm of the cinemas of the so-called vernacular languages of India, specially that of Bhojpuri.

Teaching Experience

Upcoming teaching appointment - History of International Cinema, Part III: 1960 to Present (CA, Spring 2021)

  • Film and the Moving Image, CA - Spring 2020