Kaelan Doyle-Myerscough

Kaelan - headshot
Cohort Year: 2020
Research Interests: transmedia worldbuilding; analog and digital games; affect theory; research-creation


Kaelan Doyle Myerscough (they/he) is a trans/nonbinary game designer and scholar interested in the theory and praxis of worldbuilding. Before coming to UChicago, they earned a Master of Sciences in Comparative Media Studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where they wrote a thesis on intimate affects in contemporary video games. Kaelan's dissertation project tentatively focuses on the history, politics and design processes of fictional worldbuilding. They write with an eye towards form, affect, and rethinking design methodologies; they consider their game design work as a crucial part of their scholarly practice. 

Teaching Experience

  • Intro to Game Design (at OCAD University) Lecturer, 2020-2021
  • Intro to Game Studies (at MIT) CA, 2017