Jon Satrom

A screenshot of some of Satrom's works, via his website.
Assistant Senior Instructional Professor and Associate Director of the Program in Media Arts & Design
BFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 2003
Research Interests: art technology, sound, video, performance


Jon Satrom is an artist, educator, and organizer who problematizes old and new media structures, interfaces, and conventions. He is a kludge artist and a creative problem creator. By day, he fixes things, interviews folks, and creates digital tools at studiothread. By night, he breaks things in search of the unique blips inherent to the systems we use.

Satrom performs realtime audio/video noise and new-media (often w/ XTAL FSCKI ♥ PRESETS, & Magic Missile), develops artware (in partnership w/ PoxParty), and has co-programed and experimented with organizational and curatorial systems w/ dirty new-media && glitch comrades (including GLI.TC/H && r4wb1t5!.)

He has performed, workshopped, and lectured across spaceship earth (at places like: STEIM, Amsterdam NL; musicacoustica, Beijing CN; transmediale, Berlin DE; The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago US; Centro Multimedia, Mexico City MX; SXSW Interactive, Austin, TX US ). His works have been experienced and featured within white cubes, glowing rectangles, ( 65GRAND, Chicago IL US; Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder CO US; MU Eindhoven NL; NUMA, Paris FR; Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul KR; and SUDLAB, Naples IT; ) and dead trees ( GLI.TC/H READE[R0R]Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware HackingInterface cultures: Artistic Aspects of InteractionMobile Digital Art: Using the iPad and iPhone as Creative Tools and The Art and Science of Interface and Interaction Design). He feels a bit weird having to list these accomplishments (more here) and would rather interface with you directly. Satrom also finds it strange to write in third person... 


Autumn Quarter 2023

MAAD 29400: Media Arts and Design Capstone Colloquium 


Previous courses taught include: Metamedia Design Studio (MAAD 21500), ARTGAMES ( MAAD 20500), Media Arts and Design Practice (MAAD 16210)