Crystal Beiersdorfer


Crystal is a digital artist whose work exams digital culture and how the digitized world promotes alterations to identity, body, and the psyche. Through a femme perspective, her art showcases how digital culture influences and controls concepts of the ideal femme figure and how pervasive technology has become in our daily lives. Her work also scrutinizes media itself through the use of glitching, pixelization, and other digital manipulation methods, making viewers question the influence that technology has over their personal beliefs and daily routines. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally. Crystal is a recent graduate from The University of Chicago with an MFA from the Department of Visuals Arts. She currently reside in Chicago, IL and is a 2021 Visual Arts Teaching Fellow at the University of Chicago. Check out her website here.


  • Body and the Digital (Winter 2023; MAAD 23645)
  • Introduction to Immersive Environments (Winter 2023, MAAD 24935)
  • Media Art and Design Practice (Spring 2023; MAAD 26210)