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Grants & Fellowships

Humanities | Graduate Grants & Fellowships
Descriptions of Humanities Division grants and fellowships, including travel and dissertation support.
Support for faculty members who hope to secure funding for their research. 

Graduate Student Affairs | Funding Opportunities
Links to databases of fellowships compiled by Graduate Student Affairs.

Graduate Workshops

Mass Culture Workshop
"The Mass Culture Workshop is a forum for recent and ongoing academic research on the historical, theoretical, and practical dimensions of modern mass (commercial, consumer, or popular) media, including cinema, television, journalism, popular music, photography, advertising, fashion, public amusements, and computer technology. While we do consider interpretive problems presented by individual works and different types of mass media, our focus rests on broader questions regarding the key role mass culture plays in the formation of contemporary public spheres. Because the scope of many forms of mass culture extends beyond the boundaries of any one discipline, the Workshop is committed to interdisciplinary work."

CAS Workshops homepage
The main page for all workshops, with links to all active workshops. A helpful resource if your interests go beyond what is covered in the Mass Culture Workshop.

Centers and Committees

Film Studies Center

Center for the Study of Languages Media

Center for East Asian Studies Film Library

Libraries and Collections

University of Chicago Library Resources for Cinema and Media Studies

Video Data Bank

Chicago Film Archives

Film and Film Groups on Campus

Doc Films

Fire Escape Films

Experimental Film Club

General University Resources

Office devoted to all aspects of graduate student life, including fellowships, advising, career and professionalization resources, etc.

Information on tuition and billing policies, dates, balances, refunds, and payment plans.

Career Advising & Planning Services events, employer visits, job postings, and other resources.

Police, Dean on Call, Sexual Assault Dean on Call, Medical, and Counseling Resources.

Family Resource Center
“A welcoming space where families from the university community can access resources, information, and supportive programming and services.”

Grad Student Portal
A large compilation of University resources for all aspects of University, campus, and city life.

“Graduate Student Housing provides a wide variety of apartment sizes, designs, and rates.”

Information on buses and shuttles, parking, and alternatives.

Programs, services, and events for all kinds of wellness.

Academic Resources

Academic Calendar
Calendars for past, present, and future quarters and years.

Online collaboration tool for posting course-related documents and assignments, creating discussion boards, and communication between course instructors and students.

Manage your official contact information, see course schedule and grades, order transcripts and enrollment verification, etc.

Dissertation Office
Dissertation requirements, format information, and many other links.

Information on grants/fellowships, student life, teaching opportunities and professional development.

Homepage for all six campus libraries and all their services.

University policies governing student behavior, internet usage, and grievance reporting.

Personal account information, current courses, grade reports, etc.

Consultations, workshops, and seminars from the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Time Schedules
Listing of past, present, and future courses. 

Campus Life

Information on arts programs, events, and organizations.

Information on physical education and athletics classes, teams, and facilities.

Community Service
Community service news, programs, opportunities, and other resources.

Grad Guide
Event listing, updated weekly.

Spiritual Life
Information on religious and spiritual resources, events, programs, and organizations.