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Graduate Workshops

Mass Culture Workshop: A forum dedicated to the recent and ongoing academic research on the historical, theoretical, and practical dimensions of modern mass media (commercial, consumer, or popular) including cinema, television, journalism, popular music, photography, advertising, fashion, public amusements, and computer technology. While interpretive problems presented by individual works and different types of mass media are considered, the focus remains on broader questions regarding the key role this concept plays in the formation of contemporary public spheres. Because of the scope of many forms of mass culture extends beyond the boundaries of any one discipline, the Workshop is committed to strong interdisciplinary work. 

Sound and Society Workshop - This workshop acknowledges that the production, distribution, and consumption of music (and sound more generally) is uniquely intertwined with the social lives of people as a workshop, we seek to shed light on the manifold ways that music and sound are deeply intertwined with history, people, and society.

RAVE: (Research in Art and Visual Evidence): Featuring scholarship on art, architecture, media, and art criticism across divisions of geography and historical periodization, the goal of RAVE is to create a public workshop open to all graduate students who utilize visual evidence in their arguments.

20th/21st Century Workshop: This workshop is open to a variety of disciplinary approaches and it is primarily organized around conceptual questions specific to this historical period, including: the instability of categories like “high” and “low” culture, modernism’s lives and afterlives, the effects of changing media technologies, and 20th/21st century histories of race, class, gender, ability, and sexuality.


Film and Film Groups in Hyde Park

Cinema 53: A screening and discussion series presenting conversation-provoking films by and about women and people of color.

Doc Films: The oldest student-run film society in the United States – in operation since 1932, Doc Films shows films nightly at the Max Palevsky Theater in Ida Noyes Hall.

Fire Escape Films: The student filmmaking group at the University of Chicago.  

Black Cinema House: Operated out of the Stony Island Arts Bank, BCH "hosts screenings and discussions of films by and about Black people and the issues shaping our lives."


Film Libraries and Collections

Gerald Mast Film Archive: Housed within the Film Studies Center (Cobb Hall 3rd Floor), the Film Archive holds a continually growing collection of over 8000 films, video, and disc titles (including feature films, experimental cinema, silent film, classic Hollywood cinema, documentary, European art cinema, video art, international cinema, etc.)

Center for East Asian Studies Film Library: CEAS is “One of the largest East Asian film collections in the United States, comprising g over 7000 titles from China, Japan, and Korea.”

Video Data Bank: Operated out of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Video Data Bank is “a leading resource in the United States for video by and about contemporary artists. The VDB’s collection has grown to include the work of more than 600 artists and 6000 video art titles.”

Chicago Film Archives: A regional film archive “dedicated to identifying, collecting, preserving, and providing access to films that represent the Midwest.”

South Side Home Movie Project: The SSHMP aims to build an alternative, accessible visual record, filling gaps in existing written and visual histories, and ensuring that the diverse experiences and perspectives of South Siders will be available to larger audiences and to future generations.


Fellowships & Funding

Humanities Division Graduate Grants & Fellowships: Resources provided by the Dean of Student’s Office to guide grads towards both internal and external grants and fellowships.

Graduate Student Affairs Funding Opportunities: Not only provides databases to find fellowship opportunities, but also provides resources on learning how to effectively apply for them, such as fellowship writing support and one-on-one consultations. 


Student Life University Resources

UChicagoGRAD: Devoted to all aspects of graduate student life, including fellowships, advising, career and professional resources, etc. The self-service home for University students and staff in the Academic Information System; includes class registration, academic records, account information, financial aid, and student personal information.

Bursar's Office: Information on the tuition and billing policies, balances, managing student accounts, policies, and additional services beyond Student Accounts.

Career Advancement: Career Advising & Planning Services events, employer visits, job postings, and other resources. 

'Get Help': Provides links to important aspects of grad life including the Dean-on-Call, Resources for Sexual Violence Prevention, Safety & Security Resources, and the Bias Response Team.

Family Resources Center: “A welcoming space where families from the university community can access resources, information, and supportive programming and services”

Grad Housing Resources: Information on the neighborhoods surrounding the UChicago campus, as well as searching for and renting an apartment.

Transportation / Parking : Complete information for the transportation services in-and-around campus.

Wellness: Resource page for student wellness, including Student Health Services, Student Counselling Services, Health Promotion and Wellness, as well as information on health insurance. The 'wellness calendar’ lists current quarter events that support all facets of student wellness. 


Academic Resources

Academic Calendar: Lists the important dates for the current quarter and current academic year.

Canvas: The online collaboration tool for posting course-related documents and assignments, creating discussion boards, and communication between course instructors and students.

Dissertation Office: Provides information on the University dissertation policies – helps students understand dissertation formatting and publication requirements, and assists with the submission process.

Humanities Division: The main resource page for graduate students in the Humanities Division at the University of Chicago.

Libraries: A link to the main search engine, which combs through all libraries around campus for resources related to Cinema Studies.

Policies: University policies in the spheres of academic, administrative, and student life – links to University Policies, Unlawful Discrimination, Grievance Policies for Academic Units, and the Privacy Policy. 

Registrar's Office: Information on everything involving registration (including dates and deadlines), transcripts, final exams, and current course offerings.

Teaching: Consultations, workshops, and seminars from the Center for Teaching and Learning.


Campus Life

Arts: Houses information on arts programming, events, and organizations all over UChicago campus.

Athletics: Detailing physical education and athletic classes in UChicago’s facilities; information on UChicago upcoming sports events and results.

University Community Service Center (UCSC): UCSC prepares students to become “productive, thoughtful citizens, and effective, inspiring leaders in their communities and professions by providing them with service and social change opportunities that complement UChicago’s rigorous academic experience.

Grad Guide Weekly: An indispensable resource for graduate students to find information about campus-wide programs and events – updated every Thursday during the Academic Year and monthly during the Summer Quarter.

Spiritual Life: Information on spiritual and religious resources, events, programs, and organizations such as ‘Twenty Minutes Still’.