Daniel Johnson


BA: University of Rochester, Film and Media Studies, 2005; MA: University of Chicago, MAPH, 2007; Middlebury College Language School, 2008, 2009. Entered CMS in fall of 2008.

Entry Paper: 

About the representation of violence in Yamanaka Sadao’s ‘Tange Sanzen’ film and its place within wartime image culture, particularly in regard to the “sacrificial violence” of wartime period films.

Research Interests: 

I’m a student in the joint program with Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations. Research interests: experiences of proximity of space and simultaneity of time in online communication and game media, cultures of anonymity, video-sharing websites (Youtube, Niconico), alterity in language, practices of reading, writing, and watching, theories of the figural, humor and irony in spectatorship, genre and popular cinema, anxiety and frustration in narrative and gaming.

Presentations & Publications: 

I’ve written a few book reviews for the Journal of Asian Studies. One on Aaron Gerow’s book on Kitano Takeshi (published in August of 2009 I think) and another on Thomas Lamarre’s book on Animation (to be published in winter or spring of 2010).

Other Interests
Danger: Diabolik!’ and ‘Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter’ are probably my two favorite films. I have also beaten ‘Ghouls and Ghosts’ on the Sega Genesis, which I consider the crowning achievement of my life thus far.