Takuya Tsunoda

Lecturer, Department of Cinema and Media Studies

Ph.D., Film and Media Studies, East Asian Languages and Literatures, Yale University

Research interests: Japanese cinema and media; East Asian cinema; nonfiction cinema; educational and science film; industrial film; history and theory of audio-visual pedagogy; film historiography and media archaeology; television; cinematic modernism; new cinemas of the 1960s; new media.

Takuya Tsunoda’s primary research centers on the interplay between institutions and media, technologies and socio-cultural practices, and representation and knowledge formations. He is currently at work on a book project about Iwanami Productions, which evolved from a major provider of sponsored educational and public relations films into a key player in the new cinemas of the 1960s in Japan. Grounding his research in archival materials, he highlights the historical and theoretical intersection between media-based governmental and civic activities, cross-medial articulation of postwar academicism in

Japan, and cinematic modernism. Looking beyond the activist logic of political radicalism, his book argues that the crucial root of new cinemas in Japan resided in institutionalized audio-visual pedagogy and image-making practice. This project works towards new transnational parameters that relate the cinematic New Wave to a range of epistemic transformations and changing mediascapes occurring in the period. His recent research interests extend to such topics as various modes of reflexivity, children and media, East Asian documentaries as well as the relationship between diegesis and contemporary media cultures.


Selected publications:

Processive Apparatus: Iwanami Productions and Nouvelle Vague in Japan” in A Companion to Japanese Cinema, David Desser ed., Blackwell, forthcoming.

“A-Bomb, A-Critique: Redemptive Visions of Industrial Cinema” in Films That Work: The Circulations of Industrial Cinema, Vinzenz Hediger, Florian Hoof, Yvonne Zimmermann ed., Amsterdam UP, forthcoming.

“Shohei Imamura” in Oxford bibliographies in Cinema and Media Studies, Krin Gabbard ed., Oxford UP, in progress.

Translation of: Aaron Gerow, “Nihon, eiga, riron” (Japan, Cinema, Theory) in Nihon eiga wa ikiteiru (Japanese Cinema Is Alive), Kiyoshi Kusosawa (et al.) ed., Iwanami Shoten (2010).