Administrative Staff

To distribute announcements about events, workshops, or calls for papers, please contact the department's general email address -


CMS Office, mailing address:
Humanities Divsion, Cinema and Media Studies           
1010 E. 59th Street, Classics 304
Chicago, IL 60637


Traci Verleyen - Department Administrator, Student Affairs
Classics 304
(773) 834-1077
Office hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30AM - 5:00PM
  • Please contact Traci Verleyen for any information related to the CMS curricular committee, the doctoral program, graduate admissions, undergraduate programs, and faculty searches. Additionally, contact for any information related to the CMS/FSC programming committee, department / co-sponsored events, and coordination with the Film Studies Center.

Administrative appointments of Cinema and Media Studies Faculty:

Prof. Daniel Morgan
Chair of Cinema and Media Studies 
Classics 308
(773) 702-3317                                          


Prof. Allyson Field
Director of Graduate Studies

Classics 309
(773) 834-7290


Prof. James Lastra
Director of Undergraduate Studies

Classics 310
(773) 702-9244