Zain Jamshaid

Research Interests: 

Mise-en-scène and style in twenty-first century global art cinema (especially Alonso, Assayas, Ceylan, Filho, Hong, Guiraudie, Kechiche, Lapid, Porumboiu, Reygadas, and J. Pedro Rodrigues); modernism; realism; commercial and independent cinemas of Egypt, Iran, Israel, and Turkey; film and media co-productions in Asia-Pacific; the "Indian New Wave"; queer experimental film and video.


My dissertation explores issues of narrative and style, modernism and realism, and the dynamic interplays of geography and aesthetics in the films and photographs of Nuri Bilge Ceylan, from his earlier "provincial trilogy" (The Small Town, Clouds of May, and Distant), to his recent experiments with digital technologies (Climates, Three Monkeys, Once Upon a Time in Anatolia, and "The World of My Father").