Artemis Willis


Wellesley College, BA in Art History

Columbia University, MA in Film Studies

Research Interests: 

The magic lantern; film historiography and media archaeology; early and silent cinema; experimental and avant-garde cinema; film and still photography; documentary and nonfiction film; melodrama and spectacle; early popular visual culture.


The Magic Lantern Today: Apparatus, Archaeology, Aesthetics

My research, broadly speaking, focuses on media environments, projection performance, and spectatorial experience, as radiated by the magic lantern. I am currently completing a dissertation on the international history, practice and aesthetics of the magic lantern from the late nineteenth to mid-twentieth century. My other research interests include the intersection of media archaeology and contemporary art, twentieth-century nontheatrical and educational media, and the historical interaction between stage and screen. I am also a curator of media arts, a nonprofit arts consultant, and a documentary filmmaker.